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Health Chekup Packages

Commit To Be Fit
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Charitable Activities (Sadbhavana Jankalyan Trust)

The Trust has actively conducted free Preventive Health checkup camps in various parts of the city & Region.

Netra Jyoti

In our Netra Jyoti Abhiyan, We conduct eye camps in rural areas; and doing cataract surgery of Rs. 2000/- per operation of cataract with imppoted IOL implant and conduction of camps. Lets maket their lives as bright as our own. Let us enlight the jyot to provide the Netra Jyoti to old and economically under privileged.

Diabetic Club

By considering the raising population of Diabetic and Hypertension, we have conducted free detection and diagnosis camp at our hospital. We have provided free blood sugar check up, BP measurement, Dietitian services etc. We got help from few Pharmaceutical Companies.

Sadbhavana Jankalyan Trust

Sadbhavana Jankalyan Trust helped a large number of poor & non affording patients for their cataract treatment and even in some cases cardiac treatment, surgical treatment has done in free of cost. Sadbhavana Jankalyan Trust regularly conducts various diagnostic camps in rural & urban area.


In which patients of CRF requires regular Hemodialysis, to imporve his quality as well as quantity of life. We are trying to help those patients who can not afford the treatment. We do Hemodialysis at token rate and even free. We need more help from the society due to patients with renal probelms are increassing day by day.